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Lubbock: A Great Place to Start Building your Real Estate Portfolio

Most of the time buying a real estate property depends on your budget and preference. It's personal. On the other hand, market factors drive your budget and preference. Top cities to invest, cash flow properties, appreciation, less tax, and whatnot. We all need these factors in a property we want to invest in. But not everything is perfect, is it? But we think Lubbock, TX is the way to go.

Lubbock, a city in Northwest Texas, is the tenth-largest city in the state. With colleges and hospitals ranked one of the best in the country, who wouldn't want to invest here. Texas Tech University is the biggest school in Lubbock residing more than 30,000 thousand students, which means more renters! Lubbock also houses medical centers like Covenant Health System and University Medical Center which employs more thousands of people. Both these companies fall under top companies in Texas. So there you go, there are both employment and education in this city. These are important factors to consider when you look for properties.

Lubbock has also been considered as one of the recession-resistant cities in the United States according to a personal finance company called SmartAsset. Recession-resistant cities are identified by comparing different cities' employment, housing, and social assistance factors. This gives us one more reason to invest in Lubbock right? No one wants to get affected by the recession, do we?

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This above map shows a small part of Lubbock where the main schools and hospitals are located. This would be a nice area to invest in, wouldn't it? These are some of the zip codes that we found in this area:

  1. 79416

  2. 79401

  3. 79410

  4. 79413

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